The Online Sales Platform of Porsche is Now Available in 100 Countries

In a world that is becoming increasingly digitalized, a situation that has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic where most work and commercial activities are carried out electronically, the automotive industry has also adapted to this new reality. A report by OC&C Strategy Consultants states that, by 2025, e-commerce will increase by 15% and will represent between 40 and 50% of spending.

Faced with this scenario, the car manufacturer Porsche expanded the offer for online sales, where cars are now available in 100 countries through its platform.

According to data provided by the company, about 5,800 stock Porsche were sold through the digital channel in 2021, over triple that of the previous fiscal year, where 1,700 units were registered. From the company point out that globally, 94% of dealers now present their new and used cars on the digital marketplace, where 16,300 units are currently on offer.

Likewise, the automotive giant detailed that some 110,000 potential customers were captured through the global platform, a figure that represents an increase of 61% compared to 2020. Approximately 1.1 million users used the redesigned Porsche model search tool each month.

Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean

Porsche’s presence in Latin America has also increased in recent years. Since 2016, the firm made available the “Porsche Car Configurator”, a platform that is active in 11 countries in the region, where users have the possibility to choose the features of preference for their car from their computer, tablet or cell phone. After the customer configures his car and quotes the price, he obtains a code generated by the system with which he can place the order through his local Porsche Center.

Currently, the manufacturer reported that in 18 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, cars can be viewed online, and purchases can also be made in 26 countries.

Outlook in Europe and Other Regions

Since Porsche began online sales of vehicles in Germany back in 2019, the mechanism has been increasing steadily. The launch of the platform on different territories also goes along with strategic aspects. These platforms have had priority presence, for example, in the Netherlands since the customer base is particularly familiar with the internet.

Norway is another of the fastest growing nations for online sales, especially since the arrival of the 100% electric Taycan. In both countries, the digital marketplace started in 2021 with great acceptance so far.

 For China and the United States, local teams recently started working on the platform, which allows them to take more direct note of specific customer requirements in each market and implement the right solutions as quickly as possible.

Jacqueline Smith-Dubendorfer, Vice President of Intelligent Mobility and Digital Sales at Porsche stressed that they are in constant communication with users to learn their views about the service. She specified that they have collected more than 4 thousand customer opinions and are systematically using them to improve their operations.

“Our goal is to make Porsche products accessible anytime, anywhere, both in the dealership and online. We are further connecting systems and processes to ensure a world-class multichannel experience,” the executive added.

Porsche emphasized that the commitment to e-commerce is part of the company’s multichannel strategy, according to which customers should be able to move seamlessly between the digital marketplace and physical sales facilities.

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