This is Circontrol’s New Three-phase Charger

Circontrol, a manufacturer of electric vehicle charging solutions, was present during the month of April at the Intertraffic fair in Amsterdam, where it unveiled for the first time the new eNext Park T Two charger.

It is characterized by being a double-outlet three-phase device specially designed for parking lots, serving as an economical solution for parking lot owners. In addition to having two three-phase outlets, it comes with connection cables to the grid and electricity located at the bottom.

Furthermore, the eNext Park T Two is equipped with a 6 mA DC leakage detector and interlocked contacts to improve electrical protection, and it has WiFi connectivity to offer more communication options.

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eNext Park T Two (Source: Circontrol)

Circontrol eNext Park T Two

It is important to note that this charger can seamlessly integrate with other Circontrol charging management solutions, as they are compatible with dynamic power management, which automatically balances the available energy between different charging stations.

This ensures that the contracted power is never exceeded, thus avoiding possible blackouts and the additional cost of upgrading the electrical infrastructure. Likewise, it has the ability to integrate with the COSMOS management platform, providing remote access to the charging stations from any device, along with real-time monitoring.

COSMOS is a cloud-based platform specifically designed to collect and store data, thus simplifying the management and optimization of charging infrastructure for vehicles.

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