Urban Electromobility Fund, Tucar and Uber Place Kia Niro as One of the Best Selling Electric Cars in Chile

With its important contribution to electric mobility as a supplier of key vehicles to platforms such as Tucar and Uber, Kia is gradually positioning itself as one of the most important brands in Chile.

In just almost two years of its energy transition, the brand is at the forefront of best-selling electrified cars with 170 units of the Kia Niro acquired by the Security Electromovilidad Urbana Investment Fund, managed by Inversiones Security.

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Prestigious Support

Through an alliance with Uber, one of the most recognized technology platforms worldwide, and Tucar, a leading fleet manager in this industry, they are making it possible for people to move around in electric cars in Santiago.

With Tucar, driver-partners who connect to the app will be able to access the lease of Kia Niro electric vehicles, through weekly subscription models, at preferential prices and with time slots adjusted to their needs, so that they can continue to generate profits in a flexible and safe way.

Sebastián Russi, CFO of Kia Chile, highlighted that the association with the best partners has allowed them to make available to Tucar 170 units of 100% electric Kia Niro EV, which will be provided for lease to Uber driver partners.

“Kia Chile and Inversiones Security, through its investment fund, support the massification of electric vehicles such as the Kia Niro on the Uber platform, contributing to the decarbonization of cities,” he said.

“We have the conviction that the world of mobility changed and along with it the way of doing business and the sales record we are presenting in March shows that we are on the right path,” Russi assured.

Fabián Acuña, Electromobility Manager of Kia Chile, explained that the value of mobility lies in the freedom to choose when to use a car, so these solutions are being preferred by new consumers who also seek to protect the environment, and this segment is where Kia is betting on the commercialization of its electric vehicles.

With these strategies, Kia Chile is getting closer and closer to its purpose of leading the transition to sustainable mobility solutions in 2025 proposed by “Plan S”, which seeks to register more than 500 thousand electric vehicles globally in 2026 and more than one million environmentally friendly vehicles by the same date.

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