Voltway Ensures that Mexico Requires 50,000 Electric Chargers by 2030

Mexico is among the countries strongly advocating for sustainable mobility. In light of this, a recent analysis by Voltway emphasizes the need to install at least 50,000 electric vehicle charging points by 2030.

According to statements by Lorenzo Ortego, CEO of Voltway, to Infobae regarding the necessity of adopting these changes in relation to the goals intended to be achieved in the coming years.

“If we adapt it to the reality of Mexico, considering the movement of people, goods, and even the culture, it emerges that by 2030, 50,000 public charging points will be needed,” Ortego affirmed.

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Voltway’s perspective revealed

Ortego’s vision aligns with the goals of the Mexican government regarding zero-emission vehicles. “Mexico’s intention is that by 2030, 50% of sales will be zero-emission vehicles,” he stated to the news agency EFE.

Without adequate charging infrastructure, the potential of electric vehicles is limited, which could hinder the transition to cleaner and more sustainable mobility. Therefore, Voltway’s analysis highlights the importance of long-term planning and collaboration between the public and private sectors to build charging infrastructure commensurate with the situation in the country.

In this regard, transitioning to electric mobility presents an opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, while also creating employment and strengthening the country’s energy security.


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