Volvo to Invest in Optibus to Digitalize and Optimize Fleet Management

The Swedish company Volvo is working on several fronts to establish itself as one of the leaders in electromobility and efficient transportation. A few days ago, they announced the construction of a monumental plant in the United States and a network of chargers on an emblematic road in Argentina, among other important projects.

On this occasion, Volvo takes a key step with the investment in Optibus, an Israeli company that develops and provides optimization software for the planning and management of public transport, with operations in 1,000 cities.

These advanced solutions are key for cities and bus operators to take advantage of market developments, and offer a quality service for a great user experience.

Investment Focus

The disbursement of resources for the partnership was made specifically from Volvo Group Venture Capital, with the goal of achieving sustainable and efficient public transport through industry-wide digitalization and vehicle electrification.

In addition, Optibus and Volvo Group will collaborate to create mutual strategic learnings and growth opportunities within and outside their organizations.

Volvo Group Venture Capital’s Chief Investment Officer, Christina Brinck highlights that with this move, the Swedish company can add considerable strategic value to the ongoing development of the business.

“Optibus offers a scalable SaaS (Software as a Service) solution and has doubled its revenues year on year,” she added.

For Volvo Group president Anna Westerberg, the collaboration with Optibus will contribute to efforts to support customers with more efficient and sustainable transportation solutions.

It is worth noting that the market trends shaping the future of transportation and Volvo Group’s strategic priorities define the areas of investment focus: logistics services, site solutions, electrification and climate technology.

In that regard, CEO and Co-Founder of Optibus, Amos Haggiag, noted that the relationship between Volvo Group, as a global OEM with decades of experience in the transportation industry, and Optibus, as an agile and rapidly expanding SaaS company, stimulates the synergy needed to advance digitalization and sustainable fleets.

Both companies are making a remarkable effort in sustainable mobility, with significant reach in Latin America.

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