Wallbox Charging Expands Latin American Operations

Wallbox Charging continues to expand its presence and leadership in Latin America, through its wide range of charging infrastructure solutions.

The company has continued to strengthen its commercial presence in the region, and has positioned itself in markets such as Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and the latest addition to the list, the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago.

According to figures provided by the company, during 2023, Wallbox installed close to 2,000 chargers throughout the region, which translates into an increase of 181% compared to the same period last year.

Photo: Wallbox Charging

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Outstanding Offering

The company offers its home chargers (Pulsar Plus, Pulsar Max or Pulsar Pro) in most markets, in addition to the semi-public Copper in Chile or the Supernova superfast public charger in Brazil, two of the most advanced markets in the adoption of electric vehicles in the region.

Precisely, the arrival of the Supernova in Brazil has been one of the major milestones of 2023, becoming the first Latin American market where Wallbox deployed its fast charger. 

Diego Martins, Wallbox‘s Top Manager in Latin America, pointed out that they currently have a presence in the main countries in the region that are betting on the transition to electric vehicles.

“Latin America represents important growth opportunities for the company. In addition, supported by our experience and knowledge of the sector, we want to accompany and promote the deployment of electric mobility in a region that still has a lot of potential for development,” he explained.

For the entry into each of these countries, Wallbox establishes strategic alliances with local partners of reference that allow it to know the needs, challenges and trends in the use of electric mobility in each of the markets.

Some of the most important are Copec in Chile, Los Coches in Colombia, Ewolf in Brazil or Evergo in Mexico, which is also present in Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Panama, Aruba, Paraguay and Uruguay. 

Wallbox is present in Latin America in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and the Caribbean islands, among others.

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