100 Trolleybuses to be Introduced to Optimize Mobility in Mexico City

Mexico City has made great efforts to promote electric mobility and decarbonization of public transportation. According to data from the Mexican capital’s head of government, in recent years significant resources were allocated for these new technologies.

In 2019, the investment was 456 million pesos for the acquisition of 66 units, in 2020, 130 units with a budget of 1271 million pesos, and this year will be 750 million pesos for the acquisition of 100 trolleybuses, totaling 2478 million pesos.

The Head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum informed that two new bidding processes were initiated to acquire new trolleybuses. The goal set by the institution is to add 100 new units to the public transport fleet by the end of the year.

“Our government is committed to electromobility, to less – or low – polluting transport,” said the official. “For us, the commitment is to public transportation, to the improvement of the Metro, to the improvement of electric transportation, trolleybuses, Metrobus, RTP; and above all, these trolleybuses and buses provide service to those who have the least and it is a service, moreover, of the best quality,” she added.

For the first time, the means of transport will have energy storage via lithium batteries, so that in the absence of power in the overhead cables, the units will have mobility autonomy for a distance of up to 75 kilometers.

Longer Range

The purchase of the trolleybuses that will run between the areas of El Rosario and Chapultepec will be made with resources generated by the real estate development of the Granadas neighborhood. Under this scheme and where the model can be applied, it is planned to continue expanding public transportation in the capital.

The 100 12-meter units with a capacity for 85 passengers will provide service in seven municipalities with a total of 150 kilometers of route in five lines.

There are currently nine trolleybus lines operating in the city, one of which is the line that runs between Chapultepec and the El Rosario housing zone. It is worth mentioning that this route used to have units that were in service since 1983.

The results of the bidding processes would be concluded, according to Sheinbaum, during the second half of June, and the new units are expected to start operating by the end of this year.

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