ABB Debuts 350kW Terra HP Generation III: A premium charging experience

A 5.3-meter long cable at the entrance of the electric vehicle is part of the practical and innovative charging post created by ABB: the Terra HP Generation III, an element that will offer an experience worthy of the advances available to the electric vehicles.

The more than 400,000 chargers that ABB has installed in about 85 markets will have a new member of the “family”. On this occasion, the Swiss-based technology giant has hit the table by introducing a 350 kW charging point and a 15-inch touch screen with improvements in night visibility.

The president of ABB’s electric mobility division, Frank Muehlon, highlighted that to date, the company he represents has been able to carry out just over 2,500 installations of the second generation of the Terra HP and emphasized that they will continue working to meet the demands future

“The further development of the top-selling Terra HP charger displays ABB’s commitment to continuously pioneer and deliver innovative technologies that will advance the future of sustainable transportation,” said Muehlon.

The challenge of charging infrastructure

The accelerated increase in the sales of electric cars in the world has unleashed a great challenge for those companies dedicated to providing charging infrastructure.

In 2020 alone, 3.24 million battery and plug-in electric vehicles were sold worldwide, a fairly high figure considering that 2.26 million were distributed the previous year according to data provided by ABB. These figures are clear evidence of the steps that must be taken to meet the demand for EV charging points worldwide.

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Written by | Osward Rubio

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