ALD Automotive Chile Highlights Leasing Success with Innovative Electric Bicycle

Changes on mobility in Latin America, and specifically in Chile, have a leading promoter of new technologies. This is ALD Automotive Chile, a company that, within the framework of the Latam Mobility South America Summit, celebrated the good reception that the recent launch of an electric bicycle has had in partnership with the prestigious brand Specialized.

Daniela Campos Lozano, Commercial Director of ALD Automotive Chile, explained that the new vehicle was launched under the leasing modality, a system of leasing capital goods through a contract providing for a purchase option on the part of the lessee. 

“There is a trend that cities are changing. There are more bicycle paths and users interested in moving around on bicycles. The pandemic generated a growth in micromobility because people do not want to use public transportation but a safer means in terms of health,” he explained. 

Faced with this reality, Campos Lozano assured that the e-bike fits perfectly: “Companies also have to worry about implementing new modalities to make their workers feel safe when moving around”. 

“Leasing is a service that you can offer to employees. It is a very good, affordable, cheap alternative,” said the ALD representative. She stressed that bicycles are a safe means of transportation against contagions and, in addition, they come with a prevention kit. “It is a clean and healthy vehicle. There are benefits all around for those who use it. It is gaining momentum and will be a success,” he added.

Growing Mobility

ALD Automotive Chile is working hard to strengthen mobility and sustainability strategies, and to expand services in order to be closer to users and their needs.

Campos Lozano defined the company’s work as a leader within an industry with many changes advancing at great speed. “Many new technologies are being incorporated to open up a world of possibilities, which motivates us a lot. Automotive stands out for being innovative and for changing paradigms regarding the way we move around”.

For Campos Lozano, a trend is emerging where companies are moving away from owning vehicles to renting or occupying mobility as a service, because by avoiding the purchase of cars, they obtain significant savings.

The Future is Digitalization

ADL Automotive Chile is one step ahead to strengthen leadership and prepare for the future. From the company, they consider that the number of electric vehicles will increase more and more, as a change in the environmentally conscious culture.

“We have to change towards sustainable and green means of transportation. Electric cars with telemetry to see in real time what is happening with the vehicle are coming. There is a trend to come of shared cars booked through mobile devices, as well as autonomous vehicles. There are a lot of opportunities for those in this industry,” said Campos Lozano.

About ALD Chile

With a specialized and multidisciplinary team, ALD Automotive arrived to Chilean territory back in 2015 introducing a new business model based on innovation, technological integration and the experience that backs the company on a global scale.

They have achieved a strong presence on the national market of Renting, Operational Leasing and Fleet Management; implementing a mobility of four thousand units throughout Chile, and providing specialized services to companies from different sectors, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, food services, transportation, sanitary, construction, among others.

The presentation of Daniela Campos took place during the X Sustainable Mobility Summit organized by Latam Mobility, on October 6th. 

Below, you can enjoy the full speech.

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