Blink Charging to Market Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Colombia

Colombia has become one of the countries with the most advances in electromobility. For example, the nation is close to reaching the important figure of 1,000 electric buses in its vehicle fleet.

According to the latest report made by the Registro Único Nacional de Tránsito (Runt), by March 2022, there are 973 electrified buses providing public transportation services.

These figures reflect the important impact of the incentives provided by the public sector for large companies on a global scale to invest in the coffee-growing country, with the aim of promoting clean technologies.

One of these companies is Blink Charging, whose focus on charging infrastructure is having an important presence in Latin America, and precisely in Colombia they announced an agreement with the firm Protactis to commercialize electric vehicle charging stations.

Protactis was founded in 2018 in Bogota and focuses on security services and systems, but has expanded its activities to other areas.

With this partnership, the U.S. company and its subsidiaries currently have equipment deployed or provide charging services from in 18 countries.

In the region, Blink has signed resale and distribution agreements in Mexico, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Panama and Brazil, countries that are also experiencing a boom in electromobility.

Another important move made by the company in the midst of its expansion plans is the international upgrade of Blink Network, making its proprietary software available in 17 countries, with support in local currencies and four languages. The organization also plans to add another five countries to the network in the coming weeks.

Gaining a Foothold in Europe

In the old continent, Blink Charging acquired – through Dutch subsidiary Blink Holdings B.V. – the English firm Electric Blue Limited (EB Charging). In addition to its first entry into the United Kingdom, this operation reflects the global expansion of the American brand.

This strategy is part of the important announcements made by the company, which began 2022 with a series of new products presented at the CES show in Las Vegas (USA), including a home charger HQ 200, one for car fleets MQ 200 and IQ 200, equipment that has two 30-inch LCD screens.

Shortly thereafter, Blink reported plans to deploy the IQ 200 in the front and rear of General Motors dealerships in the United States and Canada.

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