Blink Charging will be the official Provider of Electric Vehicle Charging Network Services and Chargers for New York

Blink Charging, a global leader in manufacturing, owning, operating, and providing charging equipment and services for electric vehicles, will be the official electric vehicle charging provider for the state of New York.

This agreement sets the groundwork for the electrification of state and municipal fleets, as well as the implementation of public charging solutions aimed at employees, residents, and city visitors.

Following its strongest financial quarters in history, Blink has secured this agreement, adding to the recent opening of its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and global headquarters in Bowie, Maryland.

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(Source: Blink Charging)

Blink Charging: Contract Details

As part of the agreement, Blink is now listed among the available contractors in OGS procurement, meaning it can offer the state its electric vehicle charging stations with level 2 and DC fast chargers.

Additionally, it will provide site evaluation and preparation, installation, maintenance, repair, parts supply, warranties, and product training services. Furthermore, the contract also appoints Blink Charging as one of the electric vehicle charging network service providers, responsible for managing aspects such as monitoring, reporting, billing, and support.

Moreover, it includes the integration of third-party building and fleet management systems for energy management, as well as other software programs and technologies related to electric vehicles.

“New York State and Blink are focused on jointly leading the electrification of transportation. As we aim to provide comprehensive and specific charging options for electric vehicle drivers across New York State and the world,” said Jim Nemec, Chief Revenue Officer of Blink Charging.

“We will continue to lay the groundwork for an electric revolution. It’s gratifying to have a direct role in reducing emissions while enhancing the electric vehicle driver experience in New York. We are grateful for the state’s trust and our shared vision,” he concluded.

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