Blink Unveils New “Plug & Charge” Charging Experience

Advances in charging infrastructure are key to the massification of electric mobility due to the skepticism that still reigns regarding the autonomy of electrified vehicles.

One of the companies that is at the forefront of new technologies for supplying energy to cars is Blink Charging, which has been offering innovative solutions to boost and promote the use of low-emission cars for more than a decade.

On this occasion, the company premiered the new Plug & Charge charging experience, which represents another significant step in favor of carbon reduction in the vehicle fleet.

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To realize this solution, Blink is partnering with Hubject, a leading provider of electric mobility services that gives customers access to Plug & Charge capabilities.

With the tool, electric vehicle drivers can seamlessly plug in their vehicles and begin the charging process. The feature is the trade name for the ISO 15118 protocol, which fully automates the process, allowing you to simply “plug and charge” without the need for an app or RFID card.

One Step Beyond

According to Trishan Peruma, CEO of Hubject, the new functionality is designed to create an even more convenient charging experience. “This helps drivers reduce barriers to electric vehicle adoption. The simpler the process, the more people will be convinced to join the mobility transition.”

Recent climate initiatives and investments in the U.S. and Europe are expected to drive electric vehicle adoption at a rapid pace. Having the supporting infrastructure in place will be critical to support implementation.

With Blink’s recent acquisition of SemaConnect last June, the company’s network now encompasses more than 48,000 chargers with more than 423,000 registered users.

Earlier this year, the electric vehicle charging company signed an agreement with General Motors to provide its IQ 200 Level 2 chargers to select GM dealers. Blink then strategically enhanced its presence in Europe with the acquisition of UK-based Electric Blue.

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