BMW and Real Madrid Team Up to Boost Mobility and Sustainability

Two brands with tradition and prestige from different fields join forces in favor of mobility and sustainability. Real Madrid, the club that won its fourteenth Champions League this year, sealed a pact with the automotive giant BMW. 

The collaboration agreement aims to develop different initiatives in the field of sustainability. In addition to the Spanish team being able to use BMW cars, they will create a sustainable mobility hub.

Both BMW and Real Madrid will work together from the two institutions around: the values of sport, respect for the environment and diversity. All this, through actions in different aspects that will be announced soon.

BMW at the Forefront of Sustainability

In 1973, the BMW Group was the first company from the automotive industry to appoint a person responsible for environmental protection.

In addition, under the EfficientDynamics program, it has maintained a dual focus: innovation in electrification and the development of highly efficient combustion engines.

Issues such as the rational use of resources serve as key parameters of this integrated, multidimensional approach for BMW with initiatives such as the one carried out with Brilliance Auto, which established a closed recycling loop for critical battery materials to advance the automaker’s climate neutrality goals.

Sustainability at Real Madrid

The Merengue team has also taken important steps in its environmental and social responsibility planning. We have also seen the soccer club’s forays into electrification. For example, Real Madrid has joined the United Nations Global Compact, making it the first soccer club to sign up as a “participant,” the highest level of commitment.

The Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative and involves more than 13,500 entities in 165 countries.

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