Bogota Organized the First Sustainable Mobility and Technology Fair

According to Bogota‘s emissions inventory, the transportation sector generates 42% of particulate matter emissions, which is why the authorities, in partnership with private companies and unions, are developing strategies to reverse this situation.

The first Sustainable Mobility and Technology Fair was recently held in the Colombian capital to exchange ideas on the implementation of electric, hybrid and natural gas vehicles, among other environmentally friendly alternatives.

Suppliers from more than 27 companies shared their experiences and options for consumers to start using non-polluting cars, components and supplies.

Among the items offered were particulate filters, additives, fuel blending products, among others. All these will not only improve the performance of the cars, but also the economy of each owner.

The Secretary of Environment, Carolina Urrutia, pointed out that there are great challenges in the sector due to the permanence of very old vehicles, as well as social challenges in terms of the little access transporters have had to social security or other ways to support their transition.

In this sense, the official highlighted that the District offers spaces and support such as the fair to guarantee a joint work for a better air.

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Different Players

During the day, sustainable driving trainings were held, dialogues between different sectors such as the District, the financial, banking, small and medium-sized transporters, who studied the best financing options to initiate the transition that is required.

“At the fair there were conversations between supply and demand, we hope that they will result in very good business for both, but, in addition, we will be working with the transporters to involve them in our cargo fund, which can go quite far in terms of demonstrating that we can change the technology of the trucks and give financial support to make that transition,” Urrutia pointed out.

For her part, the National President of Fuerza Camionera de Colombia, Alba Lian, assured that they seek to contribute to the environment and the planet, which is why they have promoted changes in vehicles to contribute to the sector’s transition towards decarbonization.

The technological advancement of the transportation sector is essential to reduce polluting emissions in the city, therefore, the city administration is working to meet the needs in a comprehensive manner to improve not only environmental problems, but also mobility.


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