Bridgestone Launches Strong Fleet Management Platform in Latin America

Having a fleet management and administration platform is essential for the optimization of companies and public transportation, since through data, accurate decisions can be made in accordance with the context in which the activities of the organizations are carried out.

In this regard, Bridgestone, one of the world’s leading tire and rubber companies, is applying sophisticated technologies, coupled with its extensive experience in the automotive industry to present sustainable mobility solutions.

The prestigious company presented in Latin America the Webfleet tool, an innovative fleet management solution that provides secure access to all the information needed to manage operations in the most efficient and secure way.

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According to a Bridgestone press release, the platform has a large portfolio of features ranging from geolocation monitoring to optimization of transport routes and video surveillance with artificial intelligence.

This provides fleet managers with the necessary tools to monitor and optimize their operation, reducing costs, increasing safety and improving their carbon footprint.

Gustavo Villalobos, Senior Business Development Manager for Bridgestone Latin America North, explained the importance of data collection and analysis, an indispensable aspect to evaluate and outline operational strategies.

Adequate fleet logistics maintains profitability, constant work flow, increases productivity and competitiveness of companies while improving the safety of drivers and vehicles. Fleet management undoubtedly contributes to a company’s ability to remain operational and helps them improve their relationship with their customers,” he said.


The Webfleet fleet management system has several advantages, such as fuel cost control, 24/7 connectivity, optimization of transportation routes, maintenance, preventive notifications, video surveillance, information security, among others.

In addition, Webfleet helps create a safe environment for workers, as it identifies dangerous driving behavior and provides real-time notifications.

Bridgestone highlights the importance of having a fleet management software like Webfleet, because in addition to being innovative, it is aligned with the efficiency value of the Bridgestone E8 Commitment, committed to maximizing productivity through the advancement of mobility.

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