Colombian Ministry of Transportation Seeks Sustainable Mobility Pact

Within the framework of the 11th National Congress of Transit and Transportation Authorities 2023, the Colombian Minister of Transportation, William Camargo, explained the need to accelerate changes and work in line to accelerate sustainable mobility.

According to the official, the management of the transportation sector will be based on five pillars: sustainability, giving priority to modes that generate lower emissions; safety, the ‘Vision Zero‘ program and governance.

These aspects, together with the implementation of robust information systems and technology for the regulation, control and supervision of the operation of our infrastructure; equity, favoring access to mobility, transportation, logistics and infrastructure services in an inclusive manner; and, finally, health, through an active mobility model that promotes healthy habits, seek a solid mobility ecosystem.

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In urban mobility, the government agency assured that it will promote instruments such as valorization, capital gains and, in general, the capture of value to strengthen the Integrated Mass, Strategic and Public Transportation Systems and the provision of infrastructure.

The Ministry also seeks to guide the sector towards a sustainable, inclusive, safe, healthy and healthy perspective that guarantees equity and social justice. To achieve these objectives, the principles of Development Oriented to Sustainable Transportation (DOTS) will be adopted as public policy to consolidate compact, diverse, revitalized territories with low-emission transportation and mobility systems.

Other Actions

During the meeting, Camargo gave figures of the municipalities that do not have LOCAL ROAD SAFETY PLANS (PLSV).

Only 162 municipalities in 23 departments have these plans, where Antioquia leads with 44. He took advantage of his speech to explain the importance of having these programs to reduce road accidents.

He extended congratulations to the capital cities that decreased the rate of fatalities per 100 thousand inhabitants between 2021 -2022, which were Sincelejo, Arauca, Neiva, Leticia, Santa Marta, Valledupar.

Likewise, the team of the Ministry of Transportation was at the disposal of the traffic authorities, in order to advance an articulated work, whose objective is to reduce deaths due to road accidents in the country.

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