Copec’s Sustainable Work was Recognized by the Most Prestigious Global Indices

The awareness of the effects of climate change is becoming increasingly established across the business world, and Latin America is no exception. The main companies of the region have sustainability strategies and are included in the global indexes on this subject.

One such case is headed by the Chilean company Copec, a leader in resources, energy and fuels. For a second consecutive year, the company was included on the Sustainability Yearbook, an annual report by the global consulting firm S&P, which evaluates the world’s leading companies by market capitalization regarding their social, environmental and economic performance.

This year, Copec obtained the rating of “Sustainability Member”, ranking among the 30% of the leaders in its industry (oil and gas) with the best ESG indicators.

This edition considered a total of 7,500 private organizations, belonging to 61 sectors, which were subjected to the Corporate Sustainability Assessment methodology.


Another of Copec’s important recognitions for its activity was the FTSE4Good, ranking companies listed on stock exchanges around the world, based on publicly available information, thus giving special credibility and transparency to the evaluation.

This global ranking, which measures more than 4,000 companies in 47 countries, confirmed the strength and consistency of the company’s environmental, social and governance practices.

Copec was also awarded first place for service stations and convenience stores by Cadem, a Chilean market and public opinion research company.

 The award recognizes companies generating a relevant and positive impact on people’s lives through a clear and consistent purpose, and placing their role in society at the center of their business model.

The Citizen Brands Study, prepared by Cadem between November 15 and December 15, 2021, considered 240 companies and the completion of 5,400 online surveys in Santiago de Chile to a panel of consumers, aged between 18 and 70 years old.

Focus on Sustainability Strategy

Copec has a sustainable management model that considers business development, care for the environment and social and economic value generation for its different stakeholders as major pillars.

It is focused on three dimensions: social, environmental and economic. Regarding the social dimension, the company has several initiatives that contribute to individual development, as well as to the country’s progress.

On the environmental dimension, Copec and its subsidiaries carry out programs that contribute to the preservation of the environment, and ensuring the sustainable management of resources.

Economically, the company promotes management, investment and productive action practices resulting in direct strategies that promote social responsibility, business ethics, sustainability, honesty and transparency, among others.

For Pamela Harris, Assistant Manager of Corporate Affairs at Empresas Copec, the global challenges faced today, especially at a social and environmental level, require a concrete and scaled commitment to sustainability.

She believes that recognitions such as the Sustainability Yearbook 2022 ratifies that Copec is moving towards the right path, effectively contributing to building a more sustainable future for current and future generations.

“As a company, we consider it essential to have an unrestricted commitment to achieving a world with better practices on these matters. Acknowledgments like this fill us with pride, and encourage us to continue advancing ever further along the path of sustainability,” added Harris.

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