Driving habits, engine data and energy use report: Learn about the advantages of managing your electric fleet with Geotab

Geotab, the engineering company specializing in connecting commercial vehicles to the internet, developed a telematics tool based on data analysis and automated machine learning to help companies electrify their vehicle fleets.

During the last six years, the company has grown rapidly and already has more than 1,400 employees, 2.2 million vehicles and more than 55,000 subscribers globally, with a presence on five continents to market its software, hardware and firmware products.

The key to the firm’s success is an innovative union between telematics, the Internet of Things and automatic data analysis. Now it is betting more strongly on the service it provides to companies with transport units.

Geotab points out that, by 2032, electric vehicles will account for 50% of all new passenger vehicles.


Telematics solutions allow capturing and interpreting data to create analytical reports that help your business: cost savings, productivity improvement, route optimization, driving times…

Fleet optimization

The solutions allow a more efficient way of driving, reducing fuel consumption. You can also know the status of the vehicles and what preventive maintenance tasks need to be perform to avoid downtime.


With fleet management, working is sure. It promotes good driving habits through advice to the driver, alerts to prevent collisions, seat belt warning, accident notifications.


Analyze the environmental impact of your fleet and discover the advantages of converting it to electric, while saving on energy consumption thanks to the optimization and monitoring tools of your EV (Electric Vehicles).

Normative compliance

Geotab telematics solutions provide users with the necessary tools to manage fleets according to current regulations and always thinking about the safety of drivers.


Geotab solutions allow integration with third-party software. Thanks to its architecture, we can create mobile applications or tablets that complement MyGeotab.

Geotab Technology

Geotab’s data collection and analysis enables companies to employ more efficient, productive, and even sustainable routes, strategies, and practices.

The analysis of millions of data on a massive scale consists of accessing the engine coordinates using telematics technology.

Through the implementation of this technology, companies can know exactly the distances traveled in each of their cars or trucks; fuel consumption, mileage, speed and acceleration times, details of how the vehicle is driven, and the location reported by GPS.

Through the innovations that Geotab introduces, they help reduce accidents, traffic congestions and emissions. According to data published by the company on its website, two out of three companies dedicated to this activity consider it essential to implement this technology.

This information also turns out to be highly valued by public administrations as it can help them to deploy Smart Cities models, cities that apply information technologies and connectivity to, among other things, manage traffic and infrastructures. Nevertheless, it also contributes to moving towards the electric car, a great challenge for metropolises and companies.

More about Geotab

Geotab is a company that has more than 20 years creating fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions. It provides telematics technology to fleets so that companies can manage them more efficiently thanks to Big Data.

Through a single device installed in the vehicle, a large amount of data integrated into a software is obtained through which it is analyzed and used to improve productivity, optimize fleets and improve driver safety.

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