Enel Introduces Circularity Index with the Target of Doubling it by 2030

The World Economic Forum in Davos was the stage for Enel to present ‘Economic CirculAbility©â’, a new key performance indicator (KPI) to measure the Group’s circularity by comparing its economic performance with its global resource consumption.

During the meeting, the company pledged to double this index by 2030 compared to 2020. In a press release, the company thus assures that it has become the first company in the world to adopt this type of circularity index and to set such an ambitious target.

Ernesto Ciorra, Enel’s Chief Innovability Officer, explained that they have decided to measure circularity and double it by 2030, because they consider it an integral part of the industrial and competitive strategy, as well as of their sustainability plan.

“We are working to become leaders in the energy transition, and to achieve this in a sustainable way, we must make an effort not to consume raw materials, but to use them and make them available again for future production cycles,” he stressed.

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Environmental Effort

For Ciorra, the roadmap presented by Enel in Davos will ensure freedom of future supplies and independence from geopolitical dynamics in all the countries where the company operates.

“We have to do it now, because today raw materials are available, but their global demand is increasing dramatically, in parallel with efforts to decarbonize power generation and industrial production in general,” he said.

“We are the first to make this commitment and we are proud of it, because the former will gain a competitive advantage from circularity, while the latter will run the risk of dealing with a decreasing availability of materials,” the executive added.

The new KPI and 2030 target were announced in Davos during a panel organized as part of the Corporate Circular Target-Setting initiative launched by the Platform for Accelerating Circular Economy (PACE).

PACE is a global public-private partnership platform created within the World Economic Forum to accelerate the transition to a circular economy model involving some 100 companies, public bodies and associations.

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