Enel x Way Infrastructure Vital to the World Altitude Record for an Electric Vehicle

A few years ago it seemed unthinkable that an electric vehicle could travel long distances, since the autonomy and recharging infrastructure was practically non-existent, or supply points were far apart. Today, these difficulties have not been completely overcome, but there are important advances that shed light on and promote electromobility on a global scale.

In this sense, an important milestone was registered last week in Bolivia, where aboard the Wolkswagen ID.4 GTX and with the support of the Enel X Way charging system, pilot Rainer Zietlow conquered a world record for all-electric series cars, reaching 5816 meters above sea level.

 Zietlow, leader of the CHALLENGE 4 Gmbh team, was supported by three other members of his staff, who began the journey on April 21 from Santiago de Chile, passing through Argentina, until reaching Bolivian territory and crossing the highest mining road in the world, the Uturuncu volcano.

Photo: Enel Communications

Following Enel’s Trail

The Volkswagen ID.4 GTX has a 77kWh (net) battery, which means a range of about 340 km. On its way to Uturuncu, the team was able to rely on Enel X Way’s charging infrastructure in the three countries it toured.

Notably, in 2020, the Italian group, energy partner of Scottish actor Ewan McGregor’s “The Long Way Up” project, installed chargers every 150 km along the route for the electric bike ride.

The General Manager of Enel X Way Chile, Jean Paul Zalaquett pointed out that the company’s main focus of action is to accelerate the transition to more sustainable mobility. “Our commitment is to electromobility and we are happy to be partners in this project that breaks a new world record. Electric mobility is a reality that is penetrating more and more in different spheres and areas.”

For his part, Zietlow stressed that the goal was to demonstrate that electric mobility is capable of delivering high performance even at extreme altitudes. “Electric propulsion even has an advantage at such altitudes because it does not depend on oxygen in the air. It was great to be able to use the ENEL X Way wallbox infrastructure on our way to the volcano.”

The pilot, whose achievement also meant an important support to the SOS Children’s Village in La Paz, received the Guinness World Record certificate at the German Embassy located in the Bolivian capital.

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