Enel X Way, SQM, Uber and Tucar Seal Alliance to Promote Electromobility in Chile

Beyond the natural competitiveness that exists between companies in the same field, large operators understand electric mobility as a sum of efforts to achieve the massification of new environmentally friendly technologies.

In Chile, the approval of the National Electromobility Strategy has served as the basis for a concrete policy and key alliances between companies and the public sector.

In this context, important entities such as Enel X Way, SQM, Uber and Tucar have partnered with the aim of offering benefits to Uber drivers to promote electric mobility.

The alliance is part of Uber’s commitment to make all trips made on the platform worldwide emission-free by 2040. The announcement of the joint work was made at the “Electromobility, the future of human development” conference, which was attended by representatives of the companies in question.
The agreement will make available to Uber’s partners in the Metropolitan Region an initial fleet of 100 electric cars for lease through Tucar, which will allow the inclusion of this type of vehicle as a mobility option within the platform and thus contribute to decarbonization and the reduction of the use of fossil fuels.

Enel to Supply the Energy

As part of the program, Enel X Way Chile has committed to developing a charging network that will enable driver-partners to generate uninterrupted earnings.

In addition, the Italian group will incorporate 10 electric vehicles for this alliance and the goal is to reach 50 cars for cab drivers.

The CEO of Enel X Way, Jean Paul Zalaquett, said that without charging infrastructure, electromobility would not be possible, so the company will continue to focus its efforts to connect Chile through chargers for electric vehicles.

For his part, the general manager of SQM, a lithium producer, Ricardo Ramos emphasized that in their 25 years of work producing this element, the main learning has been the importance of adapting to changes with innovation, technology and a steely commitment to care for the environment.

“This alliance with Uber is a reflection of this, since far from being satisfied with having bet on an industry that today is key to decarbonize the planet, we decided to go further,” he added.

For Uber Chile’s General Manager, Alberto Vignau, the platform’s impact goes beyond getting cities moving, which is why they seek to be allies in mitigating the impact of climate change, generating sustainable mobility that is shared, electric and multimodal.

“The alliance with SQM, Enel X Way and Tucar allows us to advance in this commitment, allowing us to enable the option of requesting rides in electric cars through Uber in the future,” he said.

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