Geotab and Renault to Provide Interconnected Technology to Fleet Managers

Another automotive industry giant has demonstrated its confidence in Geotab as a benchmark company in connected transport and IoT solutions. This is Renault, which will now rely on this technology to boost the telematics capabilities of its vehicles. 

The aim of the partnership is to combine the telematics capabilities of the cars with the MyGeotab fleet management platform. This will provide a single point of access for fleet managers to make informed decisions and offer connectivity solutions to fleets of any size.

Geotab’s technology will enable customers to choose from Renault models manufactured from 2010 onwards, and get a factory-installed or retrofitted telematics solution for cars on the road.

As a result, users benefit from first-hand, high-quality data to manage their entire fleet. This new telematics solution is already available in 21 European countries, including France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Process

According to a press release issued by Geotab, Renault’s connectivity capabilities can be activated through remote and contactless access. In this way, customers can selectively record brand-specific data points, including data unique to the electric vehicle.

The combination of Renault’s high-quality data and the power of the MyGeotab platform offers fleet managers a real-time connectivity solution. In that sense, operators will be able to benefit from data and analytics related to productivity, compliance, efficiency, optimization and driver safety. 

Additionally, through Geotab’s innovative platform, data can contribute to sustainability efforts. For example, fleet managers can access data to optimize their routes, increase fuel efficiency and minimize idle times.

The system automatically processes the data sets into useful information, while providing fleet managers with the knowledge they need to provide real insight into their fleet’s performance. 

All types of models

Use of the MyGeotab platform is available to any type of fleet operating Renault cars and vans. These include transport and logistics, construction, courier and delivery, food and beverage, fleet, leasing and rental companies.

In addition, the open MyGeotab platform offers optimal conditions for managing mixed fleets of any size.

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