Geotab Unveiled Record Fleet Management Figures at Latam Mobility: Chile 2022

Geotab’s Country Partner Account Manager in Chile, José Ignacio Guerra, was one of the outstanding participants in the sustainable mobility meeting organized by Latam Mobility at the W Hotel in Santiago, held on August 30 and 31.

During his speech, the executive of the company specialized in telematics, offered important figures achieved worldwide. He specified that they broke the barrier of three million vehicles connected to its platform, with presence in 165 countries and more than 44,500 customers.

Specifically in Chile, Guerra detailed that they have more than 25,000 vehicles connected, which reflects the confidence in the technical tools of Geotab, whose operations are close to a decade in Latin America.

High Technology

Geotab’s fleet management is based on using vehicle data to manage important aspects such as travel and acceleration calculations. “This information is collected through intelligent devices and delivers a library in areas such as engine failures, and is able to understand and recommend steps to follow to use trucks or cars optimally,” explained Guerra.

Likewise, the Geotab executive highlighted that the company’s innovation allows its clients to obtain useful information with business sense through data that reveals when to perform preventive maintenance, among other activities, presenting customized, automated and configured reports without the need for permanent monitoring.

Sustainable Vision

Beyond the transition to electric vehicles, Geotab also offers to manage combustion fleets using high sustainability standards. In this sense, Guerra explained that they apply new technologies in an efficient and scalable way without the need for large expenditures to replace the vehicle fleet.

The company executive pointed out that one of the common mistakes within companies is the management of electric cars in the same way as they maintained those that ran on gasoline and diesel.

“We can address that transition through our data tools. There are alternatives for commercial fleets, but you have to know how to manage and administer them. By having so many types of connected vehicles, we can understand how our fleets compare with others of similar profile in terms of sustainability,” Guerra said.

Finally, he assured that the state of charge and batteries are a fundamental part for a good management of electrified cars, an aspect in which Geotab offers high innovations to advise any company worldwide.

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