Guppy Plans to Connect Spain Through Carsharing Mobility Platform

As COVID-19 gradually eases, with cases declining on a global scale, mobility services are regaining activity as users begin to assiduously leave their homes.

In Spain, during 2021, the cab sector recorded a 5% growth per week, reaching pre-pandemic levels. Specifically, carsharing has had a significant increase on Iberian territory. Only in Madrid, there are 3.000 vehicles and a client community that exceeds 1.2 million users, an important base that keeps growing considerably every quarter.

Carsharing consists of the temporary use of cars, or car sharing, a rental model in which users have access to a vehicle for short periods of time.

While it is true that in the Spanish capital there are several consolidated mobility applications (apps), ambitious initiatives are emerging from provinces that want to transcend beyond the regional level.

One of these innovations is represented by the Guppy platform, an Asturian company that so far provides the only shared mobility service, which allows a user to rent a vehicle in one region with its app and complete the rental in another.

The tool’s expansion plan includes connecting 20 Spanish provinces within 4 years, as part of its strategy to promote sustainable mobility. The program has been designed so that anyone can travel on an electric vehicle to places that would have been unthinkable years ago.


According to Guppy, the application has three main pillars: sustainability, comprehensiveness and intelligence. In terms of sustainability, it has a large shared mobility fleet of 100% electric vehicles that are charged with solar energy and whose philosophy is to promote and encourage more efficient, complete and versatile travel.

It is comprehensive because it has a national expansion vocation. Its objective is to connect cities so car sharing becomes one more way to travel and do so sustainably.

Finally, Guppy is called an intelligent platform, since it is made up of proprietary technology developed by the company’s innovation team, which they consider a key and differential point for the project’s success.

It also has its own tools for data collection, analysis and optimization of fleet placement, which allow it to have a knowledge of the mobility of the cities in which it operates in order to offer an intelligent service that adapts to its users.


Currently, in the middle of its expansion project, Guppy operates on various Spanish cities such as Gijón, Santander, Torrelavega, among others. It is close to setting up in Castilla y León and has made contact with partners located in the Basque Country, Galicia, Aragón, Navarra, Valencia and Andalusia.

In order to achieve its goal of reaching some 20 cities in Spain, Guppy hopes to establish partnerships with large manufacturers or others interested to invest in this sustainable initiative.

Written by I Jhonattan González

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