High-tech Blink Chargers will be at Bridgestone Service Centers in the U.S.

Establishing a solid charging infrastructure has become one of the major challenges to boost electric mobility on a global scale. Public and private sector initiatives are underway to enable users and large fleets to power their vehicles.

One of the major players seeking to strengthen this sector is Blink Charging, a leading operator and provider of electric car charging equipment and services, announcing a partnership with tire manufacturer Bridgestone.

Among the highlights of the partnership is the deployment of Level 2 chargers at Bridgestone’s service centers for both tires and cars.

The supply equipment will be installed at the Bridgestone Americas subsidiary, and will total 50 Blink IQ 200 charging stations at 25 Firestone Complete Auto Care tire and automotive service centers. These deployments are the first Blink chargers at Bridgestone locations, and are part of the company’s broader initiative to address the needs of electric vehicle consumers.

The IQ 200s producing 80 amps of output, delivering 19.2 kW to electric vehicles while reducing charging times for new cars coming to market. It also allows for maximum flexibility and customer control through multiple deployment configurations, including wall, pole and pedestal mount options.

Strategic Locations

Blink detailed that the chargers will be located at pilot sectors such as central markets with a significant or growing electric vehicle footprint, including Austin, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Los Angeles; and San Francisco, California.

Notably, Bridgestone operates the largest network of company-owned automotive service providers in the world with more than 2,200 tire and vehicle service centers in the United States, including Firestone Complete Auto Care, Tires Plus, Hibdon Tires Plus and Wheel Works stores.

Michael D. Farkas, Founder and CEO of Blink Charging, noted that this collaboration combines the company’s industry-leading charging technology with the trusted Bridgestone brand, providing drivers with a reliable electric vehicle power supply at consolidated automotive locations.

“Demand for electric vehicles is expected to continue to increase exponentially. More electric vehicles on the road generate the need for automotive services for electrified cars, in addition to an increased demand for convenient charging stations for cars to charge,” explained the executive.

As an industry leader, Blink offers innovative technology solutions and features the most flexible and customized business models in the market.

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