Introducing Gogoro: A Smart Battery Exchange Network and Electric Motorcycles

Accelerate, stop, change batteries and accelerate again. This is the alternative to recharging electric scooter batteries that has become a trend in recent years for sustainable mobility, thanks to Gogoro company.

The Taiwanese manufacturer is known for having developed Go Station, an intelligent recharging and battery exchange platform for two-wheeled vehicles, which has put aside concerns about energy recharging time.

Go Station.

How does the system work? Consult through an application where is the nearest location arranged by Gogoro to make the change. Remove your battery, proceed to insert it into the charging point and pick up a 100% fully loaded for your vehicle. Considering the autonomy of the Asian company’s vehicles, you will certainly have enough energy to drive for days.

Whether the driver travels a lot or a little, Go Station has subscription plans for members to exchange batteries according to their needs, making it a convenient option for delivery drivers or travelers.

Go Station: Ready for Anything

Designed to withstand sunlight, rain and operate 24 hours a day, Go Station smart charging points receive updates and allow the company to monitor each of the batteries to provide 99% uptime.

The SmartGEN data center is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool the company has created to learn from driving patterns and sharing behavior to anticipate when and where full batteries will be needed.

Thanks to their rugged, shared design, these charging stations are ideal for the most demanding urban environments.

Gogoro Smart Vehicles

At least 8 electric scooters make up the sustainable range offered by Gogoro to drivers. All feature futuristic designs and colors that match different tastes.

Gogoro 2 Series

One of the models is Gogoro S2, which stands out due to its power. A speed of 92 km / h and reach 50 km / h in 3.8 seconds, are some of its main attributes.

Click here if you want to know the electric vehicles catalog of the company.

About Gogoro

Gogoro was born in 2011 from the hand of Horace Luke, who is currently listed as CEO and chairman of the board. Innovation is one of the company’s foundations, and it is working hard to introduce sustainable energy and transportation to the masses across the world’s cities.

Aeonmotor, Hero and Yamaha are some of the companies to which Gogoro provides technology.

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