Mayor’s Office of Bogota Presents Advances in Mobility Plans for Bogotá

Last June 2022, representatives of the public sector committed to intensify efforts in the area of sustainable mobility during the “Latam Mobility: Colombia 2022”.

Five months after the meeting, which brought together city leaders and private companies to offer perspectives on mobility-related issues, Bogotá authorities presented a balance of the plans that have been implemented so far.

Claudia López, Mayor of the Colombian capital, highlighted the progress made in the financing and contracting of the first metro line, the co-financing of the second line, the consolidation of the Bogotá – Cundinamarca Metropolitan Region and the Land Management Plan (POT).

“Today we can tell Bogotá and Colombia that at last the country’s capital will have its Underground Subway,” said López in statements reported by Caracol.

“Thanks to CONPES and the upcoming interparliamentary commission on public credit, next year we will open the bidding process for the Second Metro Line, the first subway line, which will connect the expanded center of Bogotá, from Calle 72 with Avenida Caracas, with Engativá and Suba,” added the mayoress.

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Financing and Monitoring

It should be noted that despite the ambitious projects for the execution of the Bogotá subway, López acknowledged that only 18% progress has been made in the works.

With respect to resources, the official made a proposal to the National Planning Director regarding the use of the royalties budget system, where the amount of $31 billion pesos of the biannual budget that has already been approved, be allocated for investment in tertiary roads, education, schools and universities, and that the second amount be used to finance railway systems and sustainable infrastructure of different projects in the country.

She also emphasized the District’s priorities, such as the Regiotram del Norte and the Third Metro Line, which will benefit Soacha, Ciudad Bolivar and Bosa, mainly, are fundamental for the Bogota Region.

Reducing Congestion

The Mayor’s Office of Bogota is carrying out 4 major works aimed at decongesting the entrances and exits of the city, in order to facilitate the circulation of vehicles in these road corridors that connect the capital of the country with other regions.

These projects are: the widening of Carrera Séptima, the southern ALO, the new Calle 13 and the widening of Autopista Norte.

In addition to the intervention of the roads, all these projects have an important component of expansion of the kilometers of bike paths, sidewalks and sidewalks that encourage the use of bicycles and improve the mobility of pedestrians.

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