Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence: “BYD World” Coming Soon to Latin America

BYD and MeetKai, the conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) and metaverse company, unveiled the launch of BYD World,

It is an interactive virtual dealership dedicated to providing an immersive car shopping experience of the future for customers to interact with the BYD brand and its products across the globe.

World BYD launches first in Ecuador on July 11, and then in Chile the following day. In a few weeks, it will be available in all Latin American countries.

Photo: BYD

Breaking New Ground

Stella Li, Executive Vice President of BYD Company Limited and CEO of BYD Americas, emphasized that the manufacturer is always looking for unique and innovative ways to reach the end consumer, which is why they consider the Metaverse to be the next frontier for car sales and customer engagement.

She assured that technological innovation is part of their brand identity. “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with MeetKai to offer new and more personalized opportunities for our fans and customers to interact with our products in an easily accessible and convenient environment.”

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Along those same lines, MeetKai Co-Founder and CEO James Kaplan stated that they are excited to partner with BYD to introduce a new model for the future of automotive retail and user experiences on the web.

“As a company, we remain steadfast in our goal to proactively remove barriers to entry into the metaverse to create new opportunities for greater connectivity and engagement,” he explained.

Upon entering the virtual dealership – which is available from any device that has access to a web browser – visitors are free to explore a digital showroom, complete with realistic 360-degree renderings of BYD’s exceptional range of new energy vehicles.

Users also have the ability to configure, customize and interact with BYD products in impressive detail, as well as access comprehensive information about each model.

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