Nissan Announces Ambitious Financing Plan to Electrify Operations

With a robust roadmap for the transition to electrification of vehicle production and new technologies that contribute to the environment, Nissan is making important moves in this direction.

The company recently announced the arrival in Latin America of its Nissan e-POWER innovation and now reports on a large financing framework that includes an entire ecosystem of electromobility.

According to Europa Press, the resources will be used to support its next generation of electric vehicles, environmental technologies, new mobility services and batteries.


Nissan is reinforcing its commitment to sustainability as a factor in achieving its Nissan Ambition 2030 vision, highlighted in its 2022 Sustainability Report.

Sustainable investment will also be directed to projects that make use of renewable energy, charging infrastructure, clean manufacturing systems, autonomous driving technologies and battery reuse.

Among the initiatives to be developed by Nissan are battery and vehicle technologies and the expansion of initiatives such as 4R and Blue Switch, with the aim of optimizing the entire electrified manufacturing of its cars. The company will also implement technologies to improve safety and offer inclusive mobility solutions.

Achievements and challenges

Nissan’s main focus in its measures is to reduce emissions from its products, and to introduce a wide range of electrified versions of all new models by the early 2030s as key pillars to achieve carbon neutrality.

The company’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Joji Tagawa noted that the progress and achievements made in 2021 highlight that sustainability is at the core of its growth strategy and that long-term value creation is driven by the intersection of innovation and sustainability.

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