Official Launch of AMIVE: The Association to Unite the Electromobility Ecosystem in Mexico


The second day of the meeting “Latam Mobility: Mexico 2023” served as the stage for the formal presentation of the Mexican Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles (AMIVE), which aims to represent and lead a unified voice against policies and regulations that will strengthen the expansion of electromobility in the country.

During the meeting held at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, this organization was presented to a large number of representatives from the public sector, authorities, associations and companies related to sustainable mobility.

Francisco Cabeza, President of AMIVE, said that “the main objective of this new organization is to link diverse actors, to trigger common reflections on our challenges, and to be a source of shared solutions to solve them. The electric mobility ecosystem is one of the most complex in the contemporary world, and it is essential to understand it in a comprehensive manner.”

AMIVE does not seek to be just another association, but to be the association that truly and rapidly integrates the electric vehicle ecosystem, which is not limited to the automotive industry, but expands to electric manufacturing, software development, driver and fleet manager training, and even energy generation and storage,” added Cabeza.

Francisco Cabeza, Presidente of AMIVE

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Mexico’s Potential

The AMIVE Chairman pointed out during the presentation that Mexico has enormous potential for transformation. “Currently, the transportation sector is responsible for 25% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. And almost half of those emissions are generated by the freight and delivery fleets that represent just one in five vehicles in Mexico; just under 11 million vehicles in circulation.”

“Today, the transition of these fleets represents the simplest way to make a significant contribution to emissions reductions. Better regulation, greater certainty, lower costs will always be desirable, but they are not necessary. We have everything right now for a company to move its fleets to electric mobility,” he explained.

During his speech, Francisco Cabeza gave as an example the progress of two multinationals. “Here are Bimbo and DHL making great efforts and achieving enormous advances. In Mexico, they are two of the leading companies that have demonstrated that there is no reason to wait if you have a real commitment to the environment.”


AMIVE Services

Francisco Cabeza pointed out that the organization seeks to promote change in the country, recognizing the seriousness of climate change that threatens life and the diversity of species.

In addition, he recognized the importance of advancing on misinformation and lack of training, so AMIVE will seek to build spaces for dialogue for members of the ecosystem, and serve as a bridge with the public sector in Mexico.

“Among AMIVE‘s first services will be to offer timely and useful information bulletins on the electric mobility ecosystem in Mexico and North America; and to develop and make available to companies and entrepreneurs a comprehensive electric mobility training and education program,” said Cabeza.

We need to build a common knowledge base. Facilitate access to information and bring companies concerned about their emissions closer to the most viable, effective and profitable solutions to reduce their carbon footprint,” concluded the AMIVE executive.


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