Paraguay Signs Agreement to Launch National Electric Mobility Plan

Through the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MADES), a series of activities began last April in Paraguay with the aim of developing a sustainable mobility plan.

During the workshops, technical and technological barriers and opportunities for the implementation of electromobility in public transportation in the metropolitan areas of Asunción, Ciudad del Este and Encarnación were identified. In addition, ideas for specific related projects were proposed, as well as lines of action for national, urban and interurban policies that favor the implementation of this innovation in the vehicle fleet.

Following the deliberations, on July 20, the Paraguayan government signed an agreement with the South Korean Institute of Automotive Technology (Katech) to implement the National Electric Mobility Plan, which aims to develop the electric vehicle industry.

Steps to be Taken

The partnership will start with the installation of an Automotive Technology Center at the Itaipu Technology Park (PTI), which will be Katech’s first in South America.

This complex will be used for the exchange of innovations and knowledge for the development of auto parts and the manufacture of vehicles, through training and the installation of capacities.

According to Agencia de Información Paraguaya, the first production will be of electric buses and small vans. He also stated that within the framework of the agreement, US$18 million will be allocated by the Korean government.

To formalize the program, Paraguayan authorities will sign a decree with the provisions for the governance system of the National Electric Mobility Strategy, which will coordinate the work of a dozen state institutions and will allow joining efforts in the development of the plan.

The cooperation seeks to replace imports of petroleum-based fuels, taking into account that Paraguay spends approximately US$ 2 billion a year on fuels.

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