Porsche and Iberdrola Inaugurate the Largest Ultra-Fast Charging Station in Spain

The Spanish government’s goal is to install 100,000 charging points for electric vehicles by 2023. However, the target is still a long way off, as there are currently approximately 13,411 installations, according to estimates by the Spanish automakers’ association (Anfac).

At the same time as these public sector plans, important private sector companies have formed alliances to promote these technologies on Iberian territory. This is the case of the car manufacturer Porsche and the energy supplier Iberdrola, which inaugurated the largest ultra-fast charging station in the country.

Located specifically in Elche, the center has a power of up to 400 kW, distributed in 12 charging points of 200 kW capacity, allowing recharges in less than five minutes.

The companies informed that the new station will be immediately joined by three others, also in the Valencian Community, making this area of Spain one of the most advanced in terms of fast charging infrastructures for electric vehicles. With regard to the origin of the energy, all of them have a guaranteed 100% renewable supply.

The ultra-fast charging hubs will be added to Iberdrola’s network of charging infrastructures, which already has more than 2,500 public points in operation nationwide.

Present and Future Policy

The general manager of Porsche Ibérica, Tomás Villén assured that with these facilities, they have taken a step forward to lead the creation of an ecosystem allowing both the manufacturer’s customers, and electric vehicle users in general, to move around the main roads of the Peninsula with absolute normality.

“At Porsche, we do not see electric mobility as the future of the automotive industry, but as the present, which we have been firmly committed to for some years now,” he added.

For her part, Raquel Blanco, Global Director of Smart Mobility at Iberdrola, emphasized that this type of infrastructure is pioneering in Spain and anticipates the future of electric vehicles. “We are committed to innovation and the latest technology, with ultra-fast chargers and very high power (400 kW) that make a unique experience possible.”

For Iberdrola, the cooperation with Porsche is part of a comprehensive breakthrough in electric mobility. By 2025, the company plans to invest 150 million euros in the installation of 150,000 charging points in homes, businesses, cities and along highways and rural roads. The roadmap also envisages the installation of charging stations in Portugal, Italy and the United Kingdom.

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