SK Bergé Colombia Becomes Astara to Offer Mobility Solutions

The automotive industry and mobility are in constant transition as new technologies arrive and make important contributions to sustainability.

After a negative impact in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Colombian automotive sector managed to market 250,497 new vehicles in 2021. This meant an increase of 37.77% in registered registrations compared to the previous year.

Given this scenario, one of the leading companies on the automotive distribution market, SK Bergé Colombia, will now become part of the Astara group, a mobility platform with presence in more than 16 countries. The company plans to diversify its portfolio of services, with the incursion into areas such as vehicle underwriting and data management.

Sustainable Vision

The vehicle distributor for Colombia of brands such as Dodge, Fiat, Hyundai, Jeep, Opel, Peugeot and RAM, explains that one of its new market lines, vehicle subscription, will seek to bet on greater sustainable mobility in the sector in the countries where it operates.

The differential of this service lies on the possibility that users can subscribe to the brand, so that, through some applications, individuals or companies can own a vehicle with less negative effects on the environment.

Colombia is the second country in Latin America to receive this mobility service concept promising to revolutionize the automotive sector. The starting point for this process was the physical integration of the brands distributed across the country, in addition to the total renovation of its facilities.

For Andrés Andrés Aguirre, Country Manager of Astara Colombia, the transformation of the company is carried out due to global trends of customer focus, to create new opportunities and mobility solutions that really look to the future, and pursue the dream of sustainable mobility.

“This will be a bet to evolve the traditional leasing business and make it more dynamic, giving mobility solutions in the short term to the end consumer,” added Aguirre.

Car distribution will continue to be an essential pillar for the company’s activity, but now complemented by others, such as online sales of new or used cars, motorcycles, subscription-based use for private and corporate customers, and connectivity services.

About Astara

With a presence in Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia, the company seeks to drive innovative and multicultural mobility. They offer to their customers a broad portfolio of products and services, allowing them to choose how they want to move according to their needs.

They are market leaders with extensive experience and ability to constantly observe the evolution of mobility, which allows them to adapt to constantly changing technologies, trends and user needs.

They have a diverse team of more than 25 nationalities, with different backgrounds, such as engineers, marketing experts, among others.

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