The 10 Most Affordable Electric Cars in Brazil

Brazil is no exception in the midst of the electric revolution that the automotive industry is going through, as increased environmental awareness and the drive to reduce carbon emissions put the country in the spotlight when it comes to adopting this type of car.

In this sense, electric vehicles are gaining ground in the Brazilian market. However, the perception that they are unattainable in terms of price may still persist.

In view of this, we show you the ten most economical electric cars available in Brazil, according to the most recent report by the media Garagem360, demonstrating that green mobility can be an accessible option for a wider public.

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Renault Kwid e-Tech (Photo: Renault)

Renault Kwid e-Tech: The Most Affordable in Brazil

Starting at R$ 99,990, it is an ideal option for urban drivers looking for an electric alternative. With a competitive initial price, surpassing the BYD Dolphin Mini, which had arrived in the country under the concept of being the most economical in Brazil.

BYD Dolphin Mini (Photo: BYD)

The BYD Dolphin Mini, priced at R$ 115,800, has just moved to second place, offering practicality and efficiency with advanced technology. Then, the Caoa Chery iCar ends the podium of the most economical in Brazil after costing R$ 119,990.

The Jac e-JS1 (R$ 126,900), BYD Dolphin (R$ 149,800), GWM Ora 03 (R$ 150,000), Hyundai Kona EV (R$ 189,990), 3 Series (R$ 199,990), Fiat 500e (R$ 214,990), Peugeot e-208 GT (R$ 225,990) and finally, the Peugeot e-208 GT with R$ 225,990 tops the list.

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