USA: Blink Charging Infrastructure to be Provided to Schools in 14 States

As part of a major legal incentive approved by the US government, in which $5 billion was earmarked for the production of zero-emission school buses, Blink Charging, one of the leading charging infrastructure companies has taken a major role in the initiative.

The company announced a broad deployment of chargers to provide supply solutions to education sector vehicles and facilities in 14 states across the U.S. In that regard, Blink has already sold or deployed nearly 400 Tier 2 chargers.

Amid government actions driving electromobility at the school level, the Environmental Protection Agency will also award school districts $500 million through its Clean School Bus (CBS) reimbursements. This increased funding will naturally lead to greater demand for electric vehicle charging equipment to power their buses.

Also, under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs plan, electric school bus chargers are an eligible expense and are in addition to the $7.5 billion set aside for electric vehicles along U.S. interstates.

Environmental and Economic Benefits

Blink founder and CEO, Michael Farkas, notes that the move to increase the number of electric school buses would have a significant impact on the environment for the better, and provide relief to districts and fleets during a time of economic uncertainty.

“We are pleased to see the Biden administration take such bold action on cleaner transportation for schools with the approval that will put more electric school buses on the road,” he stressed.

For his part, Electric School Bus Coalition executive director John Hipchen celebrated that there is currently evidence of strong growth in the U.S. in the adoption of electric buses, as districts and fleet operators see results in reduced maintenance costs, improved passenger comfort and limited overall environmental footprints.

Information and Education

According to data published by Blink, out of the 480,000 school buses currently in operation in the United States, only 1,800 are electric, creating a large demand and opportunity for fleets to transition.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), school buses collectively travel more than 3 billion miles a year, transporting more than 25 million American children daily.

To clarify questions, Blink conducted an informational webinar with Southern California Edison, Electric School Bus Coalition and Fontana Unified School District to discuss the process and potential rebates available to school districts looking to electrify their fleets.

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