Vanti Consolidates as a Leader in the Colombian Natural Gas Market

With more than 30 years leading the natural gas market in Colombia, the Vanti Group has consolidated its position as one of the leaders of this sector in Latin America due to the efficiency, safety, service vocation and warmth of the human talent.

The year 2021 was one of great advances for the company’s excellent career, with innovative solutions, such as the non-bank financial inclusion of more than three million Gas Natural customers with the “Vanti Listo” plan.

It also developed a new commercial model to standardize its processes and avoid intermediation, and received the Energy Efficiency Award in Colombia with the program: Sustainable Mobility “Transmilenio Project” for natural gas buses with Euro 6 technology in Bogota.

The purpose of the award is to support the commitment and actions carried out by organizations regarding Energy Efficiency, through plans that demonstrate their impact on the community.

Thanks to this project, Bogota began a new era for its mass transportation system, with the arrival of about 741 natural gas buses making up the Transmilenio fleet, and 518 for the Urban Transportation System. 

This is one of the cleanest fleets in the world with almost zero emissions to the environment, meeting Euro 6 standards and complying with the world’s most stringent vehicle emission regulations for the protection of air quality.

Evolution of Activities

Another of Vanti’s advances in recent months was the change of its business model to reach users more directly. These modifications seek to strengthen customer service processes by specializing the commercial force in order to offer products, services and effective solutions, based on safety and trust, to natural gas service users, initially targeted to new customers.

To achieve these objectives, Vanti entered into key alliances with nine direct sales contractors for operations such as the financing of gas appliances, and the marketing of insurance and assistance for new consumers.

This new strategy allows Vanti’s new customers to communicate with the company and contract services without intermediaries, have access to fair prices on the supply of complementary goods and services associated with household natural gas, as well as greater access to insurance and home assistance. 

Sophisticated Digital Tool

Another of the plans consolidating the company’s work is “Vanti Listo”, a platform for natural gas users to purchase products and services from allied brands, for which it launched a new product with payments through the bill. 

Digital platform Vanti Listo

This is a rotating quota access without the need to have credit life or labor certifications, and is available to more than 3 million customers who comply with Vanti’s financing policy at 105 municipalities in Colombia.

This is a pioneering solution for the public utilities sector in the country, since everything is done digitally through an application developed by Vanti at the sales point of its partners, where no physical documents are required.

Strength Facing the Pandemic

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, Vanti and subsidiaries obtained positive results during 2020, a year in which inactivity was present in all sectors due to the sanitary emergency.

The company maintained continuous operations, guaranteeing security of supply, and distribution to customers throughout the Colombian territory where it operates.

Its work despite the adversities confirms Vanti as the largest natural gas distributor in the country, considering that it serves more than 12 million users.

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