Vanti promoted the use of natural gas for vehicles during 2020: it replaced 12,550,000 gallons of diesel

In recent years, Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) has become a space within the bases that trace the route towards a more sustainable mobility and where Vanti has played a fundamental role.

In 2020 alone, Vanti managed to replace at least 12,550,000 gallons of diesel with NGV in Colombia, which represents a considerable reduction in carbon emissions and improvements in the air that citizens breathe. This was announced by the company dedicated to the distribution of natural gas in its 2020 Sustainability Report.

In addition to reducing the emission of particulate matter and offering some tax benefits, gas is a much cheaper alternative to diesel. This series of events has been promoted by the company in question, which last year operated six mass transport contracts and 12 cargo transport contracts, through which they generated a consumption of 50.02 Mm3 of gas that were distributed 1,260 buses .

Incentive to the consumption of NGV

One of Vanti’s strategies to promote the use of Natural Gas was the commissioning of 263 new connections for a total of 2,462 supply points in large stores, while 49 were added at the institutional level, to reach the figure of 2,291.

“With our bill we finance 3,685 NGV installations, with an investment of $ 4,835 million,” stated the company in its report, in which it also revealed that 217,100 Mm3 of gas expired in its entire network of service stations.

Likewise, it was possible to know in detail that Vanti serves 742 Transmilenio Troncal Buses and 518 Transmilenio SITP Zonal Buses in Colombia, as well as 208 cargo vehicles dedicated to natural gas.

All of this supported by incentives within the framework of the “Collaboration Agreement for the increase in CNG consumption” program between Ecopetrol, TGI and Vanti, with which we highlight the delivery of incentives to 15 clients to support the replacement of 118 cargo vehicles, indicated the company.

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