Vatican to Include Electric Vehicles in Major Plan “Ecological Reconversion 2030”

The Vatican informed that it will replace its cars with electric vehicles to promote sustainable mobility and contribute to the fight against climate change, just in the run-up to COP28.

The Vatican Governorate announced through an official statement the implementation of a program called “Ecological Reconversion 2030”, which aims to reduce the CO2 footprint of its transport fleet.

To reach the goal, they intend to gradually replace their own cars with electric vehicles, so that by the year 2030 it will be carbon neutral.

Photo: Volkswagen


The Vatican noted that the project includes the implementation of its own recharging network in the territory of the State and in offshore areas, extending its use to its own employees and to ensure that its energy needs come exclusively from renewable energy sources.

The Holy See signed an agreement with the Volkswagen Group to carry out this vehicle fleet renewal project with vehicles of the Volkswagen and Škoda brands through medium- and long-term leasing.

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This initiative adds to the Vatican’s efforts to promote sustainable development through ecological policies to safeguard the environment and provide energy saving strategies.

The Rome-based state said it is committed to achieving climate neutrality through the responsible use of natural resources, the implementation of energy efficiency projects and the “upgrading” of its technological assets.

They are also involved in sustainable mobility, diversification and the supply of cleaner or alternative energy products for transportation, waste disposal and the development of concrete future reforestation projects.

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