Volvo to Install EV Chargers on Iconic Road in Argentina

With a mission to become a 100% electric vehicle manufacturer by 2030, Volvo has set a goal of producing 250,000 EV cars by 2026 with the construction of a new plant.

The company recently announced that it will place a new plant in Kosice, Slovakia, in which it will invest €1.2 billion and begin construction in 2023.

Beyond these objectives in the production of cars, the Swedish company is aware that a large number of vehicles on the road without a massive and adequate charging infrastructure will not drive the transition to electrification. That is why the company has focused its efforts on the implementation of charging points worldwide.

In Latin America, specifically in Argentina, Volvo installed 18 chargers on the iconic Ruta 40. The supply centers will be located in tourist sites, dealerships, among others. It will be on the section of the Route of the 7 Lakes, which connects Villa la Angostura with San Martín de los Andes in the province of Neuquén, in the south of the country.

Volvo’s Executive Director for Importers in Latin America, Tarcísio Triviño, emphasized that they are generating a key infrastructure for the change to democratize the charging of electricity in cars.}

More Plans for Argentina

In addition to these 18 points, Volvo seeks to reach by the end of the year the installation of 50 stations in total distributed in the regions of Rosario, Mendoza and Tucumán and Buenos Aires. For the time being, the first charging points will be free of charge and any vehicle will be able to use them, regardless of its brand.

It should be noted that in territories such as Neuquén there are already some chargers installed, forming part of the first Pan-American 100% electric corridor.

“Volvo’s plan in Argentina is very ambitious. We want to have a great electrification not only in the country, but in the region. It is important that we evangelize the Argentine consumer, that he realizes that it is something real that is happening and it is a different experience,” said Emiliano Tofolo, Head of Marketing and Communication of Eximar, Volvo Cars’ representative group and distributor in Argentina.

For his part, Federico Pieruzzini, CEO of Eximar, assured that there is a change of trend in the consumer, highlighting that it is easy and practical to use electric vehicles. “All our customers are moving in that direction. We have always been pioneers in safety; today we want to be pioneers in electrification. The future is electric,” he said.

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