ANAC Calls on Chilean Government to Implement Tax Aid to Accelerate Electromobility

Although the Chilean National Automotive Association (ANAC) has celebrated the significant increase in the number of zero-emission vehicles in the country’s vehicle fleet, the organization has emphasized that the public sector still needs to implement tax incentives and other incentives to continue promoting sustainable mobility.

On this occasion, the institution took advantage of the “E Experience”, a large electromobility fair held recently, to raise its voice once again with the aim of accelerating the changes.

In this sense, the ANAC President, Sebastián de Cárcer Prado, said that in order for the country to meet the goals set out in the National Electromobility Strategy, strong support from the State is required.

He applauded the approval in Congress of the bill that promotes energy storage and electric mobility, which is ready to become law. This norm, among other aspects, establishes a reduction in the cost of the circulation permit for electric vehicles.

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The union leader pointed out that efforts from the governmental sector should be focused on fiscal and tax support to massify the use of electrified cars.

De Cárcer Prado urged the elimination of customs tariffs and also differentiated circulation systems, in addition to the implementation of parking facilities for these vehicles. He also indicated that it is necessary to adopt a single license plate for this type of units and the development of a charging network capable of supporting the growth of the electric fleet.

In spite of being one of the reference countries in sustainable mobility in the region, ANAC considers that there is still a long way to go to have an adequate supply in order to meet the demand for electric cars.

Photo: Electromovilidad Chile

Important Initiative

The first edition of the E Experience was attended by important sector leaders and relevant actors of the automotive industry, who presented advances, innovations, technological developments, trends and challenges in the field of electric vehicles for personal use, public and private passenger transportation.

In addition, during the exhibition there were talks on sustainable development and meetings for the care of the environment. ANAC, the Chilean Association of Renewable Energy and Storage (ACERA) and the Chilean Solar Energy Association (ACESOL) led interesting conferences related to how Chile is moving towards the decarbonization of the energy matrix.

Likewise, topics such as the Law on electric energy storage and electromobility and the challenges for the operation and maintenance of these new technologies were addressed.

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