Blink Charging to Deploy Electric Chargers in Arcos Dorados Restaurants in Puerto Rico

Blink Charging announced an agreement with McDonald’s franchisee Arcos Dorados, one of the largest restaurant chains in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Specifically in Puerto Rico, Blink will provide vehicle charging solutions at five restaurants on the island. Under the agreement, IQ 200 pedestal chargers will be installed in Mayagüez, Fajardo, Ponce and San Juan.

The equipment will be ready to offer reliable, world-class electric vehicle charging services to customers by the end of the summer.

Agreement Details

The agreement between Blink and Arcos Dorados further establishes the charging company’s strong presence in the Latin American market. So far, it has successfully sold or deployed 2,138 chargers in eight Latin American countries since its market entry in 2020.

The collaboration between Blink and Arcos Dorados represents another key step in paving the way for the global adoption of electric vehicles.

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The partnership will also contribute to the development of electrified car infrastructure and support growing demand, with a projected 5.4 million units on Latin American roads by 2030.

Arcos Dorados-McDonald’s Puerto Rico

Cutting-edge Technology

Blink Charging highlights on its official website that the IQ200 chargers are the fastest Level 2 (L2) AC charging stations available, capable of delivering up to 80 amps of output.

These devices can provide approximately 65 miles of charge in just one hour. Featuring the SAE J1772 charging connector and compatible with convenient payment options such as RFID, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and major credit cards, the Blink chargers are an ideal choice for retail stores and restaurants such as Arcos Dorados’ various franchises throughout the LATAM region.

“We applaud Arcos Dorados for their visionary move and forward-thinking actions in integrating electric vehicle charging at their outstanding restaurants throughout Puerto Rico,” said Juan C. Barahona, Director of Global and U.S. Operations for Blink Charging.

“Arcos Dorados’ leadership within the Latin American and Caribbean dining sector sets a remarkable precedent for embracing the electric vehicle revolution. Blink is thrilled to lead the international electric vehicle charging landscape through an expanded footprint of charging solutions now available in Puerto Rico.”

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