Cabify’s Latin America Tool Allows Selfie Identification

The security of drivers and passengers is a crucial part of Cabify’s operations. The multimobility company has more than 20 processes and tools linked to ensure the welfare of users, among which are the validation of documents, periodic review of vehicles, accident insurance, personal data protection and 24/7 support center available via app, web and social networks.

In addition to these mechanisms, there is a new verification through an alliance with the company Incode, which will provide Cabify with its technology and experience in biometrics and facial recognition so that passengers can validate their identity through a selfie, which verifies at the time the correspondence between the photo and the official documentation.

This innovation is based on artificial intelligence and supported by “machine learning” processes to detect suspicious behavior of passengers and avoid any incident that violates the safety of the driver, ensuring at all times the protection of their personal data.

Both Incode and Cabify have applied the latest solutions on the market in this project and offer customers a native and very intuitive experience, without having to leave the application at any time.

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Availability and Reach

Through a press release, Cabify details that the tool is already active in several cities in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru to reinforce the set of security systems deployed by the application.

According to a recent company survey, this identity verification of passenger users is the security technology most valued by collaborating drivers, followed by others such as “Secret Security Signal“, which allows the driver to activate protocols in real time in order to prevent any misbehavior by those boarding the units.

Photo: Cabify press

Protecting Everyone

Cabify‘s CTO, Carlos Herrera, pointed out that this alliance with Incode represents a significant step in safeguarding the actors that make up the company’s operation.

“We want drivers who choose to connect to the app to drive to feel safe because they are the ones who make it possible to mobilize thousands of passengers. Taking care of those who are behind the wheel is key for us and that is why we are incorporating more and more technology to help reduce the risks of insecurity in cities,” he explained.

For his part, Ricardo Amper, CEO of Incode Technologies, highlighted that Cabify has created a platform that brings together world-class innovations to transform mobility in the city center, while optimizing user experience and safety.

This new technological development is part of Cabify‘s strategic roadmap to reinforce its commitment to improving urban mobility and draws on its extensive experience in activating developments that promote the well-being and experience of its driver partners and passengers.

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