Nissan Chile and Copec Voltex Strengthen Charging Infrastructure


Through the “Electromobility Operator” program promoted by Nissan, which focuses on promoting charging infrastructure solutions for electric vehicles, the Japanese brand signed an important agreement in Chile with Copec Voltex.

According to a press release published on the manufacturer’s website, the agreement will give its customers a wider offer when choosing which charging provider they want to take home when buying the Nissan LEAF.

It is worth noting that the LEAF, which recently debuted its renewed design, is Nissan’s first 100% electric car to be massively sold in Chile, with 55 units sold so far in 2022, offering acceleration and ecological performance, in addition to advanced driver assistance technologies.

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For Nissan Chile’s Electric Vehicle Manager, Francisco Medina, alliances such as the one signed with Copec Voltex, are very important because they aim to expand the offer to customers, focused on providing better service and expanding the coverage network in the country.

“This gives us the opportunity to obtain greater training and development of our workers’ human capital in terms of the new technologies that we are incorporating,” he said.

Nissan LEAF vehicle / Photo: Nissan

Copec’s Technology

In the area of residential charging, Copec Voltex has intelligent chargers with high safety standards and certified installations, which allow charging the electric car overnight, comfortably and safely, achieving savings of up to 80% compared to an internal combustion vehicle.

In addition, Copec Voltex is present in Chile with the largest fast charging network in South America, which connects 1,400 kilometers of territory, between the regions of Coquimbo and La Araucanía; the development of a public charging network that will cover public spaces in the 52 communes of the metropolitan region; and innovative charging solutions for public transport, mining and last mile electric delivery fleets, among others.

The Copec Voltex Manager, Francisco Larrondo, pointed out that the company is taking on new environmental challenges, which is why they are working to accelerate the energy transition process in Chile, massifying the use of clean energy and electromobility through alliances such as the one signed with Nissan Chile.

“This agreement will allow us to encourage the use of electric vehicles and demonstrate that charging is increasingly simple, whether at home, in our Copec Voltex network or in public places such as squares and parks,” he said.

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